Individuals looking for a strong manufacturing partner turn to the experts at Denali Designs because they know we can provide them with the quality look and feel of their original piece.

Denali Designs specializes in custom manufacturing, and will work as your outsource partner for all of your mass-production jewelry.  Our facilities are designed to handle your wax originals, wax injections, models or rubber molds from quantities as low as one piece, to thousands of pieces or more.  Our highly experienced jewelers will carefully inspect your wax original for imperfections that could compromise the finished quality, which guarantees you a flawless product.  We cast in all of the traditional metals, as well as in brass and bronze.


Private label manufacturing is also a large part of the manufacturing services provided by Denali Designs.  With today’s highly competitive market, it makes sense to market private label brands, unique to your business, created with metals, gemstones and margins that focus growing your bottom line.

If you are interested in learning more about Denali Designs custom manufacturing and private label design programs, contact us.

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