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Creating love and lifestyles

In 2012 Denali Designs was started as an online retail division for Denali Pro Jewelers, a wholesale full service jewelry manufacturing and repair facility located in Boerne, Texas (

All of us at Denali Designs are proud to offer a comprehensive collection of religious jewelry made in the USA created specifically for Christians looking for high-quality jewelry that reflects a strong faith and devotion to Jesus Christ.

Our customers use our jewelry to help grow and share their faith by incorporating our pieces into significant religious events and experiences.  Discover the difference with Denali Designs when displaying your Christian faith.

This isn’t the story of what we make. It’s the story of why we make it. Take a peek behind the scenes to meet the people who inspire our products — and the people who make them.

We believe all the details make all the difference between jewelry you’ll like and jewelry you’ll love.

Company Mission

“Creating Faith Base Jewelry, by Christians, for Christians”